Garbage & Recycling Services

During the Cariboo wildfires, sites that are under evacuation order will not be open. 

What We Do

The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) operates 14 landfills and 18 transfer stations throughout the region to provide solid waste disposal facilities for its residents. These facilities accept household garbage, and many accept scrap metal and appliances, wood waste, and demolition material. The CRD also works with its four member municipalities and the Recycling Council of British Columbia for delivery of recycling programs.

Solid Waste Management Plans

Under the Waste Management Act of BC, every regional district is required to have a Solid Waste Management Plan that has been approved by the Ministry of Environment, and updated every 10 years. The purpose of these plans is to identify programs and strategies by which local governments can target waste reduction objectives.

Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Plan

The current CRD plan received ministerial approval in April 2013. It provides for the long-term management of municipal solid waste in an environmentally - and economically - acceptable manner. The plan will be phased in over a 10-year period, which began in 2013; priority was given to implementation of hauling efficiencies and controlling the busiest sites.

Plan Implementation and Funding

The plan will be implemented through a cooperative effort involving the Cariboo Regional District, member municipalities, the BC Ministry of Environment, and where applicable, private enterprise. Plan funding will be achieved through grant funding, general taxation and user fees.

Tipping Fees

Under the new Solid Waste Management Plan, costs for disposal of average amounts of residential waste will continue to be covered through taxation and not from tipping fees. Commercial waste and above average/large loads of residential waste will be charged tipping fees. For tipping fee schedules and descriptions of waste types refer to the Tipping Fee section in the side bar.

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