Board Highlights

The Cariboo Regional District Board provides these highlights so that the most significant Board activities and issues under consideration are available to the public.

CRD Board Highlights - Dec. 7, 2018

Posted: Dec 7, 2018
Year-End Report; Telus Cell Towers; Cannabis Policy; CWPP Funding; 2018 Wildfire Review; Board on the Road; Quesnel Pool Renovations; Grants for Assistance.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.12.07.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Nov. 9, 2018

Posted: Nov 9, 2018
CRD Directors Sworn into Office; Funding Provided to 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society; NDIT Grant Received for Alex Fraser Park; NStQ Treaty Advisory Committee Succession.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.11.09.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Oct. 12, 2018

Posted: Oct 12, 2018
CCRHD Funds Quesnel Healthcare Projects; New Lac La Hache OCP Adopted; Board Supports NDIT Grant Request; 2019 Board Meeting Schedule; CRD FireSmart Policy Considered; General Election on Oct. 20; Inaugural Board Meeting on Nov. 8.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.10.12.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - September 21, 2018

Posted: Sep 21, 2018
Director Ted Armstrong recognized for 40 years of Service, FLNRORD provided updates on projects in the region, CCRHD continues to support recruitment and retention efforts in the region, Community Works Funding, Economic Development Funding, Funding Sought for trail development, Upcoming Meetings

File: Board Highlights - 2018.09.21.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Aug. 24, 2018

Posted: Aug 24, 2018
Interior Health Update; CCRHD Funds G.R. Baker Bus Shelter; Forest Enhancement Society BC Presentation; Official Community Plans Pass First and Second Reading; Board Will Speak to Resolutions at UBCM; Bylaws Approved for Lexington & Benjamin Water Systems.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.08.24.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - July 13, 2018

Posted: Jul 13, 2018
EMBC Presents Thank You Plaques; MLA Oakes Meets With the Board; CRD Discusses Rural Policing; Esler Projects Approved; North Cariboo Airport Service Referendum; Interlakes Fire Truck Assent Vote; General Election.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.07.13.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - June 22, 2018

Posted: Jun 26, 2018
CCRHD Funds West Chilcotin Health Project; Grants for Assistance Approved; Review of Wildfire Recommendations Continues; Water Services Established for Benjamin Subdivision; Upcoming 50th Celebrations.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.06.22.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - May 25, 2018

Posted: May 25, 2018
Northern Health Presents to CCRHD Board; Cariboo Agricultural Research Alliance Update; Secondary Suites Bylaw Adopted; Statement of Financial Information Released; Funding for North Cariboo Trail Project; Grants for Assistance Approved; Interlakes Fire Truck Assent Vote on Aug. 18.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.05.25.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - May 2, 2018

Posted: May 2, 2018
Discussion on Road Deactivations; Board Supports NDIT Application; Wildfire Report Action Items Reviewed; Funding for the Lone Butte Historical Association; Assistance for the 100 Mile Nordics Club; Directors to Attend NCLGA Next Week; Emergency Updates.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.05.02.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Apr. 13, 2018

Posted: Apr 13, 2018
Cariboo Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Funded; Contribution to Ultrasound Machine in the Chilcotin; Audited Financial Statements; Wildfire Recovery Report Received; South Cariboo Recreation Centre Expansion; Proposed North Cariboo Airport Service; NCLGA 2019 Comes to Williams Lake; Agricultural Advisory Committee Established.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.04.13.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Mar. 23, 2018

Posted: Mar 23, 2018
CRD and CCRHD Budgets Endorsed; Funding Sought from NDIT; Action Urged Regarding Wildfire Crime; Wildfire Reports Reviewed.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.03.23.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Mar. 2, 2018

Posted: Mar 2, 2018
Resolutions Sent to NCLGA; Grants for Assistance Approved; Board Supports Funding Applications; Directors Appointed to Local Committees; Wildfire Consultation Report Presented March 16.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.03.02.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Feb. 16, 2018

Posted: Feb 19, 2018
CRD Supports Plans for Electric Charging Stations along the route from Kamloops to Haida Gwaii, CCRHD Funds Regional Capital Projects, NDIT Funding Requested for Regional Airport Projects, CRD Supports Local Trail Development and Community Hall Improvements, Directors Appointed as CRD Representatives, Steps are underway to Acquire and Upgrade Benjamin Water System in Electoral Area A, Next Meeting: CCRHD & CRD Boards – Friday, Mar. 2, 2018

File: Board Highlights - 2018.02.18v2.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Jan. 12, 2018

Posted: Jan 12, 2018
New CCRHD Chair and Vice-Chair Elected; Feedback Sought on CCRHD Provisional Budget; CCRHD Funds Health Projects in Region; Wildfire & Recovery Presentations; McLeese Lake Hall Upgrades Funded; Canadian Red Cross Update; Upgrades Planned for Martin Exeter Hall; Celebrating the CRD’s 50th; Grants for Assistance Approved; Central Cariboo Transfer Station Fees.

File: Board Highlights - 2018.01.12.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Dec. 15, 2017

Posted: Dec 15, 2017
CRD Chair Reflects on 2017; Provisional Budgets Available for Public Input; CRD Recovery Manager Gives an Update; CCRHD Hears Healthcare Recruitment Report; CRD Submits Rural Dividend Applications; Grants for Assistance Distributed; Wildfire Resolution Sent to NCLGA; Cariboo Strong Grants Still Accepted.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.12.15.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Nov. 17, 2017

Posted: Nov 17, 2017
2018 CRD Chair and Vice-Chair Elected; First Nations Health Authority Presentation; 2018 Provisional Budgets Reviewed; Estimated Wildfire Timber Losses; Union Agreement Ratified; CRD Recovery Manager in Place; Provincial Wildfire Recovery Update; 2018 Central Cariboo Grants Approved; NDIT Grants Sought for North Cariboo Projects; South Cariboo Cemeteries Function Established.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.11.17.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Oct. 20, 2017

Posted: Oct 20, 2017
Interior Health Update; MOU Renewed with Northern Health; Grant for Assistance Approved; Celebrating 50 Years; Area F Noise Bylaw Adopted; Post-Wildfire Consultations Coming Soon; UBCM Recap.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.10.20.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Sept. 15, 2017

Posted: Sep 15, 2017
Provincial Ministry Staff Discuss Wildfire Recovery; Water Sustainability Act Presentation; Wildfire Prevention for Williams Lake and Fringe Areas; UBCM Conference in Two Weeks; Emergency Operations Centre Update.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.09.15.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Aug. 31, 2017

Posted: Sep 1, 2017
Healthcare Recruitment in the Central and South Cariboo; MLA Oakes Visits the CRD Board; Municipal Finance Authority Gives Presentation; Board Advocates for Ranchers at UBCM; Canada 150 Events; Exploration of Electoral Area B Recreation Bylaw; Grants for Assistance Approved; Public Approval Resumes for Cemeteries Contribution; CRD Emergency Information.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.08.31.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - June 29, 2017

Posted: Jun 29, 2017
CCRHD Visited by Healthcare Recruitment Coordinator; G.R. Baker Funding Approved; Funds Allocated for Anesthesia System; NStQ Treaty Negotiator Provides Update; Board Urges Upgrading of Rural Roads; Canada 150 Events Supported; Grants for Assistance Approved; Upgrade to Martin Exeter Hall Discussed; Grant Application Period Opens in August.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.06.29.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - June 9, 2017

Posted: Jun 9, 2017
Board on the Road in 100 Mile; Digital Heritage Driving Tour Launched; CRD Supports Highway 20 Tourism; Board Returns from Trip to China; Area D & E Building Inspection Remains Status Quo; North Cariboo Projects Funded; Noise Control Bylaw Requested for Area F; Cemeteries Contribution Moves to Public Approval; Grants for Assistance Approved.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.06.09.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - May 12, 2017

Posted: May 12, 2017
Improvements at Bull Mountain Trails; Accessible Trails Network Expansion; Funding Sought for Regional District Projects; Canada 150 Events Supported; Community Events Receive Funding; Skyfest Event Sponsored.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.05.12.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - April 13, 2017

Posted: Apr 13, 2017
Canada 150 Events Supported; Audited Financial Statements; Funds for Defibrillator in Mahood Falls; Big Lake Earth Day Event; Upgrades to McLeese Lake Hall; Cariboo Strong Update; Wi-Fi at Highway Rest Areas; 2017 NCLGA Conference.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.04.13.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Mar. 24, 2017

Posted: Mar 24, 2017
CCRHD and CRD Budgets Endorsed; Congratulations to Dr. Smialowski; Board Hears Update on Blackwater Project; Community Works Funding Allocated; Support Given to Gold Rush Trail Marketing; Grants for Assistance Approved; CRD Supports MRDT; CCACS Arts and Culture Grants Endorsed.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.03.24.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Mar. 3, 2017

Posted: Mar 3, 2017
MP Todd Doherty Updates CRD Board; Funding Requested for Bouchie Lake Hall Upgrades; CRD Submits Resolutions to NCLGA; Director Appointed to Alex Fraser Park Society; Board Supports South Cariboo Timber Supply Review; North Cariboo Capital Projects Approved for 2017; Free Wi-Fi Sought at Rural Rest Stops.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.03.03.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Feb. 9, 2017

Posted: Feb 9, 2017
CCRHD Elects Vice-Chair; Northern Health Updates CCRHD Board; Priority Urged for Region’s Hospital Projects; Agriculture Working Group Seeks CRD Support; Support Given to Federal Heritage Tax Credit; Concern Raised with Road Deactivations; SCRC Expansion Working Group Formed; Upcoming Meeting to Explore Area F Noise Bylaw; Board Nominates New Stop of Interest Signs; Elevator Funding Allocated for 2020.

File: Board Highlights - 2017.02.09.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Jan. 13, 2017

Posted: Jan 13, 2017
CCRHD Chair Elected for 2017; Feedback Sought on CCRHD Provisional Budget; CCRHD Funds South Cariboo Health Projects; CRD Plans to Update Highway Signs; Change Sought on Family Business Transfer Tax; Upgrades Planned for Forest Grove Community Hall; Directors Appointed as CRD Representatives; South Cariboo Cemeteries Service Moves to Assent.

File: BH - 2017.01.13.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Dec. 16, 2016

Posted: Dec 16, 2016
Provisional Budgets Available for Public Input; Rural Land Use Bylaw Amendments Adopted; CRD Board Supports NDIT Grant Applications; Electoral Area Funds Support Local Initiatives; CCRHD Board Receives Recruitment Update; Taseko Presents to CRD Board; CRD Seeks Funding from NDIT; Holiday Hours.

File: BH - Dec. 16 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Nov. 25, 2016

Posted: Nov 26, 2016
BC Seniors Advocate Presents to CCRHD Board; Board Receives Update from Imperial Metals; Provisional Budgets Reviewed; Heritage Committee Members Re-Appointed; Board to Attend Racism Awareness Workshop; 2017 Grants for Assistance Applications Approved; CRD Submits Funding Application to NDIT; CRD Renews Contribution Agreements

File: BH - Nov 25, 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Nov. 4, 2016

Posted: Nov 4, 2016
CCRHD Funds Regional Health Projects; Interior Health Presents to CCRHD; Improved Medical Services Sought for Likely and Horsefly; Funding Approved for Emergency Supplies in Likely; 2017 CRD Chair and Vice-Chair Elected; West Fraser Discusses Timber Supply Impacts; CRD Board Applies for Funding; CRD Invasive Plant Program Receives Stronger Support; Feedback Requested by BC Utilities Commission.

File: BH - Nov 4, 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Oct. 14, 2016

Posted: Oct 14, 2016
Capital Funding Allocated to Health Projects; CCRHD Supports Northern Physiotherapy Program; MP Cathy McLeod Visits CRD Board; CRD Board Meetings Move to Thursdays in 2017; Ducks Unlimited Plans to Invest in the 108 Greenbelt; CRD Acknowledged for Climate Change Efforts; Rural Dividend Financial Requirements Changed; Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Funding Approved.

File: BH - Oct 14 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Sept 23, 2016

Posted: Sep 23, 2016
Update From Barkerville Heritage Trust, CRD Moves To Acquire Lexington Water System, Board Sends Letter To Agricultural Land Commission, Resolution About BCAS Policy Going To UBCM, CRD Directors To Attend 2016 Nation2Nation Forum, Chinese Consul General Thanks The CRD, Mount Timothy Ski Society Receives Funding, Concerns Raised With Maintenance On Pay Phones, Board On The Road In Wells, and UBCM Conference Next Week.

File: BH - Sept 23 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - August 26, 2016

Posted: Aug 29, 2016
Updates to Hospital District Act Supported. Funding for GR Baker Memorial Hospital. Community Hall Improvements Funded. Two-Tiered Recreation Rates Coming to the South Cariboo. Concerns Raised Over BC Ambulance Policy Changes. Recreation Projects Receive Green Light. Funding for Xat’sull Traditional Pow-wow. Martial Arts Tour.

File: BH - August 26, 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - July 22, 2016

Posted: Jul 25, 2016
CIRD Update, Danger Tree Assessments on CRD Recreation Properties, Poster from Williams Lake Stampede Association, Development Supported in East Chilcotin, BC Utilities Commission Looking For Feedback, Electoral Area Discretionary Funds Approved, CRD Sends Letters of Support

File: BH - July 22 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - June 30, 2016

Posted: Jul 5, 2016
Chilcotin Mining Update, Interlakes Governance Report Reviewed, Proposed Upgrade for 100 Mile’s Martin Exeter Hall, Fuel Management Projects Successfully Completed, Policies Endorsed, Esler Recreation Capital Projects Endorsed, BC Rural Dividend Fund, Next Meeting – July 22, 2016

File: BH - June 30, 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - June 9 & 10, 2016

Posted: Jun 10, 2016
CRD Board Highlights - June 9 & 10, 2016 Health Care Recruitment, Interior Health Executive, Electoral Area Discretionary Funds Approved, CRD Submits Low Mobility Trail Application, Funding for Palliative Care Association, NDIT Grant Applications Supported by CRD, Gold Rush Trail Tour, On the Road Again

File: BH - June 9 and 10, 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - May 13, 2016

Posted: May 16, 2016
Funding for Wells Primary Care Clinic, Rural Dividend update and funding applications, Agricultural Land Commission update, Interlakes Rodeo NDIT application, Electoral Area K discretionary funds, Support for Fort McMurray

File: BH - May 13 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - April 22, 2016

Posted: Apr 25, 2016
Presentation of audited financial statements, Support for celebration events on ALR lands, Allocation of Community Works Funds, Soda Creek Cemetery Signage, Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Grants, Contribution to Quesnel and District Visitor Information Centre, Funding application for Barlow Creek Ball Fields, Electoral Area F Discretionary Funds, Xatsull Heritage Village viewing platform, Next Board meeting

File: BH - April 22 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - February 26, 2016

Posted: Feb 26, 2016
Hospital Project Funding, Sponsorship and Support of Community Grant Applications, Economic Development Function, 2015 Invasive Plant Management Report, Reduced User Fees at Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex During Firs Phase of Construction, Next Board Meeting

File: BH - February 26 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - February 10 2016

Posted: Feb 11, 2016
CCRHD Capital Expenditure Contributions Approved, FLNRO Update, Pool Project Continues to Make Progress, 103 Mile Water System, North Cariboo Mutual Aid Fire Protection, Arena Replacement Contract and Budget, NCLGA News, Support for Interlakes Economic Association, Next Board Meeting

File: BH - February 10 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - January 15, 2016

Posted: Jan 15, 2016
Election of CCRHD Chair and Vice‐Chair, Interior Health Capital Funding Approved, NDIT Intern Program, Anahim Lake Generating Station, North Cariboo Economic Development Funding, Northern Health Update, Interlakes Report Received, Community Works Funds for North Cariboo Arena Project,

File: BH - January 15, 2016.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - December 11, 2015

Posted: Dec 14, 2015
CRD Board Highlights - December 11, 2015 Election of CRD Chair and Vice‐Chair, Provisional Budgets Adopted, Support for Xeni-Gwet’in Community Airport, Business Façade Improvement Program, CCRHD Funding for Avery Health Clinic, Electoral Area F Discretionary Funds, Happy Holidays.

File: BH - December 11, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - November 13, 2015

Posted: Dec 14, 2015
CRD Board Highlights - November 13, 2015 Health Care Recruitment and Retention Activities, Fraser Basin Council, Provisional Budgets Reviewed, New Fire Chief Appointed for Ten Mile Lake, Support for Community NDIT Applications, Directors’ Initiative Funds Authorized, Chinese Martial Arts Performances.

File: BH - November 13, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - October 23, 2015

Posted: Oct 23, 2015
Agricultural Land Use Planning, Urology Outreach Program Launched in 100 Mile House, Northern Health Update, Funding for West Chilcotin Health Centre, Multi-Agency Forums, Atlantic Power, Support for GeoScience BC, Assent Vote for 108 Mile Water System Improvements

File: BH - October 23, 2015.pdf

Board Highlights - October 2, 2015

Posted: Oct 13, 2015
Telus, Support for NDIT funding for Dual Credits Trades Training, Community Works Funds for Sam Ketcham Pool Upgrades,Support for Bridge Lake Ice Caves Project, NDIT Application Endorsed, Crystal Lake Recreation Site Improvements, UBCM a Positive Experience for CRD Board, Next Board Meeting CCRHD & CRD Board Meetings - October 23, 2015

File: BH - October 2, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - September 11, 2015

Posted: Sep 12, 2015
Online Banking for CRD residents available soon, Support for Quesnel Economic Development Project, Mount Polley Impact Assessment Report, Wells Pilot Recycling Depot, Short-Term Water Discharge Permit Applications, 2016 and 2017 Board on the Road Schedule, Electoral Area D Discretionary Funds Approved, On the Road Again.

File: BH - September 11, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights – August 21, 2015

Posted: Aug 25, 2015
Taseko Mines Update, Construction Management Contract Awarded for SKP, Support for Quesnel Chamber, Support for Connecting Canada, CRD Supports Regional Grant Applications, Electoral Area Discretionary Funds Approved, Next Board Meeting Forest Grove Community Hall – Sept. 11, 2015

File: BH - August 21, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - July 10, 2015

Posted: Jul 14, 2015
Interior Health Updates Training & Recruitment of Health Care Professionals Dunrovin Lodge Energy Conservation Measures Long-term Plans for Roads Support for Spinal Cord Research Funding Accessibility Analysis for Cariboo Memorial Complex Community Works Funds Allocated NDIT Projects Receive Support from CRD UBCM Resolutions Discontinuation of Budget Consultation Open House Sessions Thank you to the City of Williams Lake

File: BH - July 10, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - June 12, 2015

Posted: Jun 12, 2015
CRHD Retired, Training & Recruitment of Health Care Professionals, New Pathways to Gold, Quesnelle Forks Added to Heritage Registry, Connectivity, Atlantic Power, BC Air Access Program, Community Works Funds Allocated, NDIT Projects Receive Support from CRD, Electoral Area D Economic Development Funds Approved,

File: BH - June 12, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - May 14, 2015

Posted: May 15, 2015
Recruitment & Retention of Health Care Professionals, Rural Fire Inspections, Urology Services Return to South Cariboo, Rural Feasibility Funding & Studies Approved, Big Lake Grant Application Supported by CRD, Electoral Area Discretionary Funds Approved, 100 Mile Highway Rescue Feasibility Funds Authorized, May 2015 Declarations,

File: BH - May 14, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - April 24, 2015

Posted: Apr 24, 2015
Fortis BC presented an Update on Pipeline Project, Audited Financial Statements, Chartered Accountants, Key to the Cariboo presented to Pioneer Log Homes, Likely Receives Community Works Funding for Potable Water Project, Support for Orange Shirt Day,Mount Polley Ministry Update, 911 Service Delivery in British Columbia, Cariboo Regional District & City of Quesnel MOU, Proposed Changes to Provincial Electoral Area Boundaries, Road Conditions and Closures Concern Area Residents,Next Board Meeting May 14, 2015

File: BH - April 24, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - March 27, 2015

Posted: Mar 27, 2015
CRD, CCRHD & CRD Budgets Endorsed, Healthcare Recruitment, National Public Works Week, Little Britches Rodeo Special Projects Funding, Interlakes Economic Association, Community Works Funding Approved, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Procurement & Investment policies endorsed,

File: BH - March 27, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - March 6, 2015

Posted: Mar 6, 2015
Orange Shirt Day Update, CRD Reviews 2015 Proposed Budgets, Central and South Cariboo Mental Health Gaps Analysis, Support for Skyfest, Support for West Chilcotin Healthcare Society, North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA), CRD Bylaw Enforcement – A Year in Review,

File: BH - March 6, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - January 23, 2015

Posted: Jan 23, 2015
Election of CRHD & CCRHD Chair and Vice‐Chair; Interior Health Funding Request Approved; New Building Canada Funding Applications; Likely & District Chamber of Commerce Receives Support; Community Works Funding Approved; NDIT Applications supported; Provisional budgets head to public consultation; Capital Project Funding Applications;

File: BH - January 23, 2015.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - December 12, 2014

Posted: Dec 12, 2014
Provisional Budgets Headed to Public Input Process CRD Chair and Vice-Chair Elected CRD Supports Northern Secwepemc Cultural Society Grant Mount Polley Mine Update Heritage Committee Recommendation Happy Holidays Next Meeting

File: BH - December 12, 2014.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Nov. 14, 2014

Posted: Nov 14, 2014
CRD Board Highlights – November 14, 2014 Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice, The Telegraph Trail, South Cariboo Trades School support, Director’s Initiative Funds Approved, NDIT Applications supported by CRD, Upcoming Meetings.

File: BH - November 14, 2014.pdf

CRD Board Highlights – Oct. 24, 2014

Posted: Oct 24, 2014
2014 Community Works Funds Increased, Town Hall Meetings, Financial Literacy Month 2014, 2015 Canada Winter Games,NC HandyDART Referendum Open House Nov. 4, Upcoming Meetings - Nov. 14, 2014 – CCRHD & CRD Board Meetings.

File: BH - Oct. 24, 2014.pdf

CRD Board Highlights - Sept. 12, 2014

Posted: Sep 12, 2014
CRD Board Highlights - September 12, 2014 Hen Ingram Lake Power Generation “Culture Days” Proclaimed Quesnel Fringe OCP Given Third Reading Director Initiative Funds Endorsed HandyDart Referendum slated for North Cariboo Alexis Creek Outpost Hospital Centennial Celebrations Sam Ketcham Pool Meetings Continue Town Hall Meetings Continue Upcoming Meetings

File: BH - Sept 12, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - August 22, 2014

Posted: Aug 26, 2014
Mount Polley Update Cariboo Memorial Hospital Trust Update Agricultural Policy Quesnel Fringe Official Community Plan NDIT Applications Endorsed Community Works Funding for Big Lake Special Projects Funds Authorized Upcoming Meetings Sept, 12 – CCRHD & CRD Board Meetings

File: BH - August 22, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - July 11, 2014

Posted: Jul 11, 2014
New Northern Health Chief Medical Health Officer, Northern Medical Programs Trust, Support for Orange Shirt Day, Community Works Funds Approved, Director Initiative Funds Authorized, 2013 Annual Report, Support for Reconciliation Canada, Upcoming Meetings

File: BH - July 11 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - June 27, 2014

Posted: Jul 11, 2014
CRD Tough Enough to Wear Pink Crime Reduction Strategies Discussed BC Building Code & Community Charter CRD’s Anahim Lake Airport Manager Announced Area H Director Initiative Funds Alexis Creek Red Cross Outpost Hospital Centennial Support for BC Farm Women's Network Upcoming Meetings/Important Dates

File: BH - June 27, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - June 6, 2014

Posted: Jun 10, 2014
Agricultural Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, Bees and Hens, Support for Interlakes Economic Association, New CRD Website, Canada Day in Quesnel, Grant Writing Workshops, Upcoming Meetings/Important Dates

File: BH - June 6, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - May 16, 2014

Posted: May 20, 2014
Health Authority Capital Funding Approved, CRD Board Supports NDIT Grant Applications, 5th Annual Emergency Preparedness Symposium, Board on the Road, ABC Communications, Access Awareness Day, Specified Risk Material, Medicinal Marihuana in Heavy Industrial Zones, CRD Appoints Barkerville Representative, Upcoming Meetings

File: BH - May 16, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - April 17, 2014

Posted: Apr 22, 2014
Volume Based Forest Licences Public Engagement, Special Projects Funds, Audited Financial Statements, Cariboo North MLA Update, CRD Supports NDIT Grant Applications, Feasibility Funds Approved, Next CRD Board Meeting – May 16, 2014

File: BH - April 17, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - March 7, 2014

Posted: Mar 11, 2014
Highlights from the March 7 Board Meeting, includes: Environment Canada, Beyond the Market, Community Works Fund Approved, New Addition to CRD Heritage Registry, Medicinal Marihuana in Heavy Industrial Zones, Support for Gold Rush Trail, CRD Requests Invasive Plant Funding, Subsidized Composter Program, Invasive Plant Management Report.

File: BH - March 7 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - February 14, 2014

Posted: Feb 18, 2014
Board Highlights from February 14, 2014. Topics include: Williams Lake Timber Supply Area, NCLGA,, Laying Hens and Hobby Beekeeping, Northern Health Update, CRD 2014 Budget Open Houses, Support for IEA Business Façade Improvement Program.

File: BH - Feb. 14, 2014.pdf

Board Highlights - January 17, 2014

Posted: Jan 21, 2014
Board Highlights from January 17, 2014. Topics: Election of CRHD & CCRHD Chair and Vice‐Chair, Interior Health Funding Request Approved, CRD Support First Nations Museum Lease Agreement, Timber Kings, Gas Tax Funds Approved, Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Update, NCLGA Resolutions, Expense Limits of Local Government Candidates, Williams Lake Timber Supply Area

File: BH - Jan. 17, 2014.pdf

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